The Dedicated Online MSDS Solution
for Dental Offices


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A Member of the Family of Websites offers dental offices an inexpensive solution for effective Material Safety Data Sheet management.
As a member of the family of websites, provides an online repository of Material
Safety Data Sheets used in dental applications.  There is no MSDS software to purchase and install with our online MSDS
management solution.
Simply log in, enter a product number, product name, or manufacturer in a single search field, and you are presented with a list of
the Material Safety Data Sheets for the dental products that match your search criteria.  To add an MSDS to your personal
electronic folder, just click on the Add/Remove checkbox.
That's it... no complexity, no confusing options, and no training required with  No wading through an
MSDS database full of Material Safety Data Sheets unrelated to dental offices.
If an MSDS you need is not already in our database, one click on an email link allows you to let us know.  We locate the MSDS for
you and notify you by email when we have added it to our database.
  Some Example Dental Products Requiring an MSDS
Resins pH Adjusters Sanitizers Anesthetics
Cleaners Polishes Pastes Soaps
Adhesives Whiteners Imaging Films Sterilizers
Removers Developers Fixers Photo Chemicals does all of the work, including annual confirmation that each MSDS in our database is the latest revision available.
More than helping you to meet regulatory requirements, quick and complete access to MSDS information can help you assure that
your dental office personnel are fully aware of chemical hazards associated with the products they handle...  substantially reducing
the risk of injury.
Any time a new product is purchased for your dental office, a quick search on allows you to keep your
personal electronic folder fully up-to-date.
According to a study by the State of Washington, 46% of chemical exposure injuries in dental offices involve the eyes, 15% the skin,
13% inhalation, and 1% ingestion.  25% involve other injuries.  Effective MSDS management with is an
important step towards chemical injury prevention.

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